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To Our Clients and Community–This One’s for You

I live my life at an Olympic level–I think big and push boundaries. I’ve held some important titles: Lead Ecommerce Consultant, Corporate Director, Vice President, Ironman, Husband and Dad. These titles can be categorized into two separate areas of my life: business and personal. Yet, there is one particular title that I am especially proud of, one that I believe has made me grow as a businessman and individual. For the past seven years I have had the pleasure of being the Founder of Riithink Digital Marketing Agency.

In 2009 I took a risk by leaving the big-time corporate world I had come to know. This was easily one of the biggest career decisions I have ever made–I’ve never looked back. Though I am thankful for the opportunities, connections and friendships I have made along the years, I was given a chance to create something new and unique. Owning a business comes with its challenges,  but I did everything in my power to thrive.

Slowly, the business began to grow. Though I started this business myself,  I owe a great deal of gratitude to my family, colleagues, and clients who have helped me nurture and grow Riithink to what it is today. I’m no fool–a business is a reflection of the community and clients it serves.

Upon moving to Chapel Hill, I was quickly infatuated by the life and energy the town and people emitted. The community welcomed me and my business with open arms, especially when Riithink moved locations to Rosemary Street. The move brought on some great opportunities with local businesses. However, they were more than just clients–they were members of my community.

While I give my all to those I serve, I especially strived to help my neighbors in their endeavors. Yet, I find myself once again humbled by them. Riithink was nominated for the 2016 Chapelboro Business Excellence Award for Best Professional Service.

I am at a loss for words. “Thank you” does not fully encompass this immense feeling of gratitude.

Thanks to our community — we not only got on the initial ballot, but were voted into the final round. However, it is not over yet; we need everyone’s help to get the win. Please vote Riithink for the Best Professional Service Award by going to this website: 

While we are ecstatic over the nomination, we do not want to let our community’s time and work go to waste. This award is not just for us — it’s for you: our clients, our community, our home.


Thank you, all!

Patrick Smith

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