Show me the data – 10 Marketing Metric’s you are NOT collecting

Show me the data Let’s be honest, making money feels good. It’s one of things that gets us out of bed in the morning as business owners (besides a nagging bladder and a good double espresso). Increasing sales let us know that we’re providing something of value, something customers want and can benefit from, that we’re on the mark, literally ON THE MONEY. But, if...

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3 Technology predictions for retailers doing business online

I stumbled across an article written by a Mr. Munuz offering his 3 technology predictions. I agree with one of his points that predictive personalization will be and is the fundamental pillar of all retail moving forward. Lets face it, give me the meat verse forcing me to sift through the noise. However, I don’t agree that voice recognition will be a viable pillar as...

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Amazon Buy Box

With 2014 winding down, ecommerce analysts are predicting that Amazon will have made over $120 billion in revenue this year alone. Of this, between $40 and $50 billion will be going straight to the hands of third-party merchants, online retailers that sell on Amazon’s massive international marketplace. Since there is no limit from Amazon on the number of third-party merchants, or the amount of products...

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Dell accepts BitCoin

Dell accepts BitCoin – Joins the likes of Newegg, Overstock, and other The computer and electronics retailer joins the likes of Newegg, and 1-800-Flowers in  accepting the alternative currency.  Dell Inc., No 10 in the Internet Retailer Top 500 Guide, announced today it is now accepting Bitcoin as payment on its e-   commerce site. booked an estimated $3.55 billion in 2013 online sales....

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