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Digital Strategy  Execution.

Business is booming in the digital space. Here at Riithink, we have the tools and expertise to establish your digital strategy and access a whole new source of revenue and exposure for your brand.


Email is still the #1 marketing channel on the web in terms of ROI. We specialize in creating email marketing programs, nurturing subscribers from your welcome series to deeper engagement and the eventual acquisition/action/purchase.


We work to develop content strategies to improve your search ranking, run technical audits to discover code optimizations for better web indexing and learn tricks of the trade that turn organic search into a profitable marketing channel.


If you need instant performance, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is the way to go. Let Riithink assist you with your Google AdWords and Bing/Yahoo campaigns. We can also utilize more sophisticated demographic targeting using demand side platforms (DSPs) or Facebook Advertising.

Paid Media

Identifying the best strategy for your budget to maximize your brand's exposure & conversions.

Social Media

Presenting yourself well & telling your story in real time to connect with your community.

PPC Advertising

Finding your target audience & converting clicks to customers is what we do.

SEO / Keyword Optimization

Getting you to the top of the page on organic searches is one of the fastest ways to grow business.

E-Mail Marketing

You can be reaching new customers & keeping old ones coming back for more.

Marketing Automation

Utilizing workflows and minimizing maintenance by building infrastructures for your marketing needs.

Understanding Brand & Purpose | Step One

What makes you unique?

We start by making sure that we understand your brand as a whole before we begin the process of creating and executing a digital strategy. We want to be experts on your brand and how you operate as a business in order to fully grasp your purpose for being in the digital space and understanding who you’d like to reach. We’ll also identify your budget and outline goals for your digital campaign.

Identifying the Approach | Step Two

Who should you try to reach and how?

In the next step, we help you identify what methods are best for reaching your goals. Whether it’s paid media, building a social media strategy or crafting an email marketing campaign, we’ll decide what channels best reach your audience and customers. We know how to mix and match methods for the best results.

Developing a Strategy | Step Three

What mediums best reaches your audience?

After we’ve gathered all insights and information, we’ll compile a plan of attack for your digital strategy. We’ll be sure to assess every option down to the specifics in order to optimize your budget and resources. When we present our proposed strategy to you as the client, you’ll have a chance to give feedback and alter the strategy how you’d like with our guidance.

Implementation & Tracking | Step Four

Let's get this thing started!

We’ll work directly through your digital platforms to implement your strategy. To make sure you’re on the path to reaching your goals, we’ll track your progress and analyze the results to make any necessary adjustments along the way. We want your brand to be set apart, so tracking key metrics and following a strategy throughout the process is key to building the best outcome for digital success.

Featured  project.

Galloway Ridge at Fearrington is a local life plan retirement community. As one of our clients, we’ve created multiple campaigns that each satisfied a specific purpose.

We use our resources to track the progress and results of each of these campaigns in order to refine their digital strategy and maximize their efforts in the digital space.


We created a cohesive brand with campaign-specific elements that support their overall messaging.

Paid Media/PPC

We run online ads to promote events, search for new potential hires, and more.

Social Media

We create content and strategically manage their social media accounts.

Email Marketing

We produce email campaigns to reach residents, staff, and community members.

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