Peyton Ware

I am a true Virgo – an animal lover, hardworking and practical with a strong OCD problem. I am originally from Richmond, VA, a city that is full of Southern history and will always be home to me. The most important things in my life are my family, friends and cat, Huck. I enjoy traveling to new places (especially warm ones!), hot yoga, shopping and exploring new restaurants and coffee shops in the Triangle.

Taylor Swift – Not only is she successful, beautiful and independent but she has made her success by not being afraid to show who she truly is. She is known for narrative songs about her personal life which have received widespread media coverage, not always painting her in a positive light, but she still continues to stay true to who she is and sharing her messages through her music. I think we could all learn a lesson from her, to never be afraid to be ourselves and be happy with who we are.

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