Ashley Sugg

Im a task oriented person with an appreciation for checkboxes and a well organized list.  Here are the need to know bullets of Ashley Sugg:

What I like
  1. Lists
  2. Tassel Earrings
  3. Popcorn
  4. Faber-Castell pens
  5. Cool toned photography
  6. Doodling on my iPad Pro
  7. Neutral toned clothing
  8. Inde-folk music
  9. Balsam scented candles
What I don’t like
  1. A cluttered desk
  2. Hot weather
  3. Halloween costumes (sorry Kelly)
  4. Not having control of the Aux on road trips
  5. Light wash jeans (sorry Kelly, again)
  6. Peanuts (the legume, not to be confused with the hit comic strip featuring Charlie Brown)

Kelly Cutrone – I am inspired by Kelly for SO many reasons. It is a goal of mine to perfect my personal brand to the degree that she has. Second, she has found success in various industries/projects from creating one of the most powerful fashion PR companies in the word, writing a New York Time bestselling book, having her own show, being featured on The Hills and The City, being a judge on America’s Next Top Model, the list goes on. I have so much admiration for people who don’t wait to opportunities to come to them, but rather create opportunities. Fun fact, her company People’s Revolution broke the record for more shows produced in one day during New York Fashion Week (5). How crazy is that!

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