Patrick Smith

If I could be a rock star, it would be Steven Tyler from Aerosmith. The dude is just badass. Since I’m not, I’m an amateur triathlete. I’ve completed 2 full IRONMAN races and several half’s. I don’t use it anymore, but hidden talent is that I’m a professional auctioneer. Like most, family is at the center of my universe. Our favorite place is the beach where everyone unplugs. We boat, we cook, and just catch up on life. Our business is a major center in my life- I can best sum it up as good people delivering good work to good people.

Warren Buffett- Buffett is an icon of American business who embodies the success that you can achieve by dedicating yourself to what you are passionate about. I love to instill this value into our business- everyone here works hard but they are driven by passion.

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