David Allen

I make memories and memorable experiences, lift weights and expectations, and never settle for anything less than what I was raised to be. I wrote for a newspaper before transitioning my path online, having since worked with a few companies you’ve probably never heard of — Marvel, Star Wars, Hasbro, and the like. I get involved and stay involved in the projects I work on, and I never take my eye off the prize. I pride myself on being a driven and innovative individual. I have a children’s book, toured in a rock band, and produced a few movies too.

Elon Musk- To label Musk an innovator would be selling the man short. Truly one of the most creative, disruptive minds of our time, Musk is the antithesis of status-quo. He’s a warlord against mediocrity, fiend of ensconcement, and a bulldozer of impossibility.

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