Mary Claire McCarthy

 I love people almost as much as I love fire-roasted hummus, huge dogs and the Blue Ridge Mountains. While I’ve lived a somewhat nomadic life since 11-years-old, I call North Carolina my home for many reasons. It is where my “moon-unit,” or family is, where the mountains bursting with life are and where my heart will always be. Moving from place-to-place has nurtured a go-with-the-flow attitude and resiliency in the face of change—all of which spurs me to happily face the long and winding daffodil-dotted road we call life with a smile on my face. I’m imaginative, enthusiastic and adamantly adventurous above all else.

My inspiration has to be my dad. He was a Lutheran pastor for many years, so he became quite good at the art of truly listening to people. He had the striking ability to think selflessly and thoughtfully about others and could make anyone feel at ease with a few jokes and a jolly smile. He was incredibly smart and thoughtful, one could even say wise. Lastly, he was one hell of a father, a wonderful friend, and an incredible man. With that being said, I strive to embody each and every one of these traits in my day-to-day, rain or shine.

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