Kelly Dunville

A forever Carolina girl, I am a former teacher turned graphic designer.  I have a passion not only for expressing my own creativity, but for encouraging others to find theirs. I love bringing ideas to life, taking a vision and creating a reality. I absolutely LOVE Halloween and YES, it is a holiday, which is great because it combines my love for chocolate and my secret talent for crafting costumes.

JK Rowling- JK Rowling is someone who truly inspires me to push the bounds of my creative mind. She loses herself in the world she creates with genuine artistry. She doesn’t just imagine new things, she designs universes that ignite emotional attachment. Her command of detail and drive to revise makes her work more than just a good story. JK Rowling once said “It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.” I choose to be a person who continues to live and create with limitless passion.

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