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Graphic Design &  Branding.

We don’t want your brand to get lost among the rest. We believe that your brand tells a unique story and deserves its own place in the vast sea of the web. We strive to ensure that a client’s brand matches their intent and shares the proper message for successful business.


We want your digital presence to be both cohesive and creative. That’s why we strategically use a brand guide to direct all creative decisions. We use color theory and design principles to put together an organized presentation of content for all digital and print collateral.


We’ll use your mission statement and develop a brand voice to help with the creative process. Our high-quality photography and videography provide your brand with authentic and professional content. Our strong copywriting skills help your brand capture attention and establish a genuine connection to your audience as well.


Riithink proudly offers award-winning copywriting services, with works appearing in USA Today, Mashable, and other major publications. Our works have been featured on national television and movies, but we also lend our creative talents to businesses and budgets of all sizes.

Content Creation

Combining media & design elements to connect with your customers online.

Logo Design

A unique & relevant logo can transform your business and cement the legacy of your brand.

Photo & Video

Capturing & creating the highest quality multi-media content will blow your customers away and push you past your competitors.


Implementing the voice of your brand allows you to connect with your customers at a personal level.

Graphic Banners

Making your website, print collateral and other brand elements stand out in the marketplace.


Drawing attention and communicating the things that matter in a memorable way.

Brand Audit | Step One

Does your current brand accurately reflect who you are?

During the Brand Audit stage, we perform a thorough breakdown of the history of your brand. During this stage, we like to have our client’s fill out a branding questionnaire so that we can hear what you want to see through the development of your brand. The quality of our design and branding services is derived from our desire to legitimately know and understand our clients in order to develop the most unique and accurate representation of their identity.

Brand Development | Step Two

Time to start creating.

In the Brand Development stage, our creative team begins to brainstorm the best ways to bring your brand’s identity to life. This process includes establishing your brand voice, solidifying your mission statement, working through various color schemes, creating logos, etc. For us, this is the fun part. No two clients at RiiThink are alike and every project is viewed as a new opportunity to create something truly special for your brand.

Brand Creation | Step Three

Finalizing your brand guide.

After working through various branding options with you, we will present you with the final product of our creative team’s labor. Whether you are doing a top-to-bottom rebranding or just looking for content for your media channels, the Brand Creation stage is when we present you with finalized templates and guidelines that will inspire the identity of your brand for years to come. Having a brand guide that you can refer back to is huge for the legitimacy of your brand.

Brand Implementation | Step Four

How can we bring your new brand to life?

Once we’ve made all adjustments on your brand guide and you’ve approved the final version, we walk you through how to utilize your brand guide moving forward. We refer back to it during the content creation process to make sure we’re right on track in developing the images, graphics and copywriting that reflect your business and your message. We implement your vision and brand standard across the board to tell your story creatively and cohesively.

Featured  project.

Viibrant is a resident engagement platform for senior living communities. Since the start of their company, we’ve helped them develop an inviting brand that reflects how using modern technology in a senior living space doesn’t have to be intimidating.

Viibrant’s clean, bright look is modern and simple to appear approachable and easy to understand.


We chose colors and fonts that are welcoming and bold to fit their target audience.

Web Design

We designed their site so that content is clear and purposeful with a specific message.

Print Design

We created print materials that are straightforward and cohesive with playful copy.

Social Media Design

We created clean, insightful designs for social media to appeal to all followers.

“Good designers copy.
Great designers steal.

Don’t feel the pressure to re-invent the design wheel! Share your inspiration with us and we can transform your admirations into reality. We’d love to chat!

We’re always looking for new partnerships and marketing opportunities. Fill out the form below to get this process started and see how we can specifically help your business grow.
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