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Social Media & Facebook Marketing.

Facebook is the ultimate marketing tool for advertising on social media. With over 1.5 billion daily active users, Facebook as a platform allows you to take your business to the next level with its advanced technology and trackability capabilities.


With the right audience, creative content, and budget, we can maximize your ROI using social media advertising. Let us help you convert clicks to profit as we test the best measures to reach your audience and spread your message.


Facebook marketing is a commitment. As the experts, we can devote our time into building these advertising campaigns so that you can run your business with ease. Setting up retargeting ads is just one way we can automate the way people interact with your ads and drive business to your site.


Let us help you curate high-quality content to produce visible results using Facebook and social media marketing. From producing and posting organic content to building targeted campaigns for your product or service, Riithink can guide you to digital success.

Content Creation

We create content that is visually appealing, reflects your brand, and sends a message to connect with your online audience.

Data Collection

We collect data and results after your campaigns complete to best understand your ideal audience and objective.

Posting & Scheduling

For our clients, we schedule graphics, videos, and other content to post on each of their platforms for worry-free organic content.


We string together just the right words to make your message stand out to your followers and other social media users.


Producing campaigns that accurately reflect your business goals and match a certain ad objective on Facebook.

Marketing Automation

Create retargeted ads to best take advantage of proven leads and master conversions.

Determining Ad Purpose | Step One

Why do you want to reach your audience?

Choosing your ad objective is key for setting up success for your campaigns. We help you truly understand what you’re trying to achieve with Facebook marketing so that the rest of the process runs smoothly and you can see results.

Set Up a Campaign | Step Two

What approach are we going to take?

Facebook is user-friendly when it comes to setting up your campaign with ad sets and ads. In this stage, we determine your budget, audience, ad placement, and more to nail down the details of your ad. Once all specifics are in place, we’ll be able to start running your ads. We can integrate a Facebook pixel in this step in order to track users’ movements across your website and use that data for retargeting purposes.

Track Results | Step Three

What's working and how can we improve your efforts?

Once the results start coming in, we analyze the data to evaluate performance. We’re able to look at data sets and determine if your ad is successful. Analyzing data is another important step in this process to drive business forward.

Refine and Retarget | Step Four

How can we continue reaching the right audience?

In the final stage of this process, we refine your campaign and make any necessary adjustments if we feel it needs to go in another direction. Using your data and results, we can create additional ads or use these data points for retargeting ads so that you can automate how you reach people who have previously interacted with your ads, leading to conversions.

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