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Ecommerce Amazon.

Managing Amazon and other marketplaces is becoming more important as the world shifts to a digital-first mentality. We’d love to work with you as a proven partner who has built, launched and managed dozens of Amazon programs from the ground up. Many e-commerce platforms have their own SEO management systems that can often be difficult to navigate. Riithink knows the terrain and can help your business thrive in the realm of e-commerce. Let us consult your business on how to get the highest possible ROI.

Amazon Management

Specializing in full-service Amazon marketplace management to increase your profits.

Predictive Marketing & Modeling

Analyzing revenue potential for products based on sales data and market trends.

Reputation Management

Managing & responding to customer reviews can make or break your business online.

Brand Opportunity Analytics

Diving deep into the numbers to identify the best opportunities for your brand moving forward.

Advanced Product Analytics

Helping you determine which products are working & which aren't.

Amazon SEO

Integrating Amazon best practices based on its unique search engine criteria.

Brand Audit | Step One

Where are you now?

One of the first steps is to determine the state of your brand in the online space. We use an audit to fully evaluate your brand’s products in the marketplace and organize data that is relevant to improve your overall marketing strategy. An audit allows us to gather useful information about the product’s title listing, description, use of media, sales performance and other metrics. This first step is key in helping your brand dominate e-commerce.

Presentation of Findings | Step Two

What are you doing well and how can you improve?

Once we’ve fully evaluated your products on Amazon and other marketplaces, we present our audit findings to you. We include recommendations on ways to improve product listings, how to improve SEO and how to advance your product’s overall web appearance. We’ll suggest all possible directions for your brand to increase sales or meet any e-commerce goals you may have.

Determining Resources & Timelines | Step Three

what methods will yield success?

Step three involves determining how we can help your brand proceed. We’ll discuss our recommendations further, evaluate the potential impact our suggestions may have and decide which steps you’d like to take to create a plan for action. From there, we agree on all content or assets that are needed and develop a timeline for further implementation.

Execution | Step Four

Let's execute in the marketplace!

We’ll work together to make the agreed-upon improvements to your brand’s presence in the online marketplace and test their level of performance with the revisions. The new data will allow us to optimize your website and product pages to make them easy to navigate, visually appealing and able to transform viewers into customers. This allows us to compare results and determine any room for improvement in our recommendations for final stages. From there, we’ll see what final enhancements need to be made to your Amazon presence and e-commerce strategy. Our intention is to push your brand to new heights online and surpass your e-commerce goals.

Featured  project.

Milton is a tough brand with clean lines and a sleek design. As a company, Milton sells their automotive and industrial products through multiple ecommerce channels including their website, Amazon, Walmart, and the Home Depot among others.

To help Milton compete in their industry, Riithink has improved their brand and implemented a business strategy throughout digital ads, email marketing, and other efforts that have increased sales.

Paid Media/PPC

We run online campaigns to increase web traffic.

Digital Design

We design banner images, Facebook ads, and other graphics that look cohesive for the best performance.

Email Marketing

We use emails to reach segmented audiences and target specific customers.

Business Strategy

We created an overall online strategy that drives business and propels the brand forward.

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