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Riithink Digital Marketing rejects the idea of right brain vs. left brain, 

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Riithink is a place where analytics and creativity collide. We’re a team of passionate, dedicated experts in the field of digital marketing. We devote ourselves to the craft of bettering businesses in all digital aspects. Our mission is to give our clients the tools they need to thrive in an ever-changing digital world. Through assurance and step-by-step guidance, we’re able to provide quality client service. We take care of our clients and their digital presence so that they can do what they do best.

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Nice to meet you! We are the creative and analytical experts behind Riithink. We genuinely care about your business because we are just as invested in your success as you are.


    As President of Riithink, Patrick has developed and managed $400M in eCommerce across Amazon, Walmart.com, Target.com, Drugstores, and Direct-to-Consumer. He’s an avid cyclist and amateur triathlete. When he’s not working, he loves taking family trips to the beach. Warren Buffet is Patrick’s inspiration. He’s an icon of American business who embodies the success that you can achieve by dedicating yourself to what you are passionate about. Patrick loves to instill this value into our business at Riithink.


    Managing Director
    Melissa is a seasoned project manager who thrives in advising on and executing projects of all sizes, a talent honed during her tenure at Google. In her free time, Melissa likes to walk her dog, Luna, and tend to her plant babies. Melissa is inspired by Emma Watson and her dedication to female empowerment and social change.


    Data Scientist
    Josh has managed Amazon strategy and execution for $350M Optics business. He’s executed FBA inventory planning and pricing for $20M in ext cost turns across 70K from tier-1 optics brands. He is responsible for developing Riithink’s in-house planning & pricing formulas. Carroll Shelby inspires Josh. Born with a heart defect, he still served his country as a test pilot in WWII. Despite missing out on a traditional education, he became one of the most influential names in the automotive industry. He is best known for connecting two best-of-breed manufacturers in the 1960s to win championships at the highest levels of auto racing.


    Creative Director
    Kelly is an award-winning design professional with experience in logo creation and brand strategy, web UX/UI design and digital photography. This Carolina girl loves expressing her creativity and encouraging others to find their passion. Halloween is her favorite holiday because it combines chocolate and her secret talent for crafting costumes. JK Rowling is Kelly’s inspiration. She loves that Rowling loses herself in the world she creates with genuine artistry and designs universes that ignite emotional attachment. Kelly chooses to be a person who continues to live and create with limitless passion, just like JK Rowling.


    Senior Digital Designer
    Sarah is an agile graphic and web designer with extensive experience in photography. She brings 7 years of experience and leadership to the Riithink team. Sarah enjoys growing vegetables and creating new recipes with them. She is inspired by Paula Scher and her ability to create brands that are instantly familiar while also being exceedingly clever. Her work straddles the line between pop culture and fine art in a way that makes her a design icon for the ages.


    Digital Marketing Coordinator
    Katie has a passion for storytelling, shown through her expertise in the areas of social media and design. On the creative team, she assists with copywriting, content creation, and various design tasks. Outside of the office Katie loves painting watercolors, writing calligraphy, taking trips to the mountains, and attending any and all sporting events. Joanna Gaines is Katie’s inspiration for sure. She loves the personal brand and creative empire that Chip & Jo have grown from the ground up. As a former wannabe interior designer, Katie admires Joanna’s farmhouse style that showcases neutral colors and natural elements to create the coziest of homes.


    eCommerce Platform Specialist Jordan recently joined to help out our analytics team. He works with clients to help manage and improve their eCommerce presence. Jordan is inspired by Yvon Chouinard and his philosophy for business. Chouinard needed better gear for his hobby of climbing and helped kickstart an entire industry. Along the way, he always questioned how and why things were done the way they were, paving a new path for businesses. He also focused on surrounding himself with the best people around, knowing when people are passionate about their work, they can influence the future.


    eCommerce Business AnalystAfter a year-long internship during his time as a student, Harris signed on to join our analytical team. He works with clients to improve upon and develop strategies in eCommerce, business analytics, paid media, and more. Tinker Hatfield inspires Harris to think holistically about the creative process and incorporate out-of-the-box thinking into my analytical processes. As the father of the Jordan brand, he was able to pair technical innovation in footwear with elite storytelling to create one of the most powerful brands in our culture. In addition to all of that, he just really likes his shoes.


    Client Success ManagerVictoria has joined the Riithink team after 5 years in the consumer goods and retail industries. With a background in e-commerce strategy and marketing, she successfully helps our clients grow their online platforms and increase brands' visibility in the market. Mariska Hargitay is her ultimate inspiration. She admire's Mariska's philanthropic work that has sprouted from her powerful role on Law & Order. Victoria loves how she practices what she preaches and aspires to do the same in her life.


    Special Projects Manager With over 200 successfully managed projects, Hartlee is a project manager and account planner with a knack for meeting deadlines and setting clear objectives aimed at accomplishing a larger goal. Hartlee brings organization and dedication to each of her accounts. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Integrated Marketing Communications from the University of Mississippi. HartLee is inspired by Ellen Degenerous because she is a truly a light in the world and her kindness is really impactful.

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