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About Us.

the riithink story

Riithink is a place where analytics and creativity collide. We’re a team of passionate, dedicated experts in the field of digital marketing. We devote ourselves to the craft of bettering businesses in all digital aspects. Our mission is to give our clients the tools they need to thrive in an ever-changing digital world. Through assurance and step-by-step guidance, we’re able to provide quality client service. We take care of our clients and their digital presence so that they can do what they do best.

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Our talented team.

Nice to meet you! We are the creative and analytical experts behind Riithink. We genuinely care about your business because we are just as invested in your success as you are.


    PresidentAs President of Riithink, Patrick has developed and managed $400M in eCommerce across Amazon, Walmart.com, Target.com, Drugstores, and Direct-to-Consumer. He’s an avid cyclist and amateur triathlete. When he’s not working, he loves taking family trips to the beach. Warren Buffet is Patrick’s inspiration. He’s an icon of American business who embodies the success that you can achieve by dedicating yourself to what you are passionate about. Patrick loves to instill this value into our business at Riithink.


    Vice President of Client StrategyJack brings 9 years of client management experience from Genuine Parts Company and Hanesbrands Inc in the B2B and eCommerce channels. Outside of the office Jack loves sports, spending time outdoors with his family and smoking meals on his Big Green Egg. Jack is inspired by Michael Jordan because of his resilience to overcome adversity, his work ethic that made him one of the best ever and his sheer competitive nature to always win. His favorite MJ quote is ``Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships``.


    Vice President of Creative Sarah is an agile graphic and web designer with extensive experience in photography. She brings 12 years of experience and leadership to the Riithink team. Sarah enjoys growing vegetables and creating new recipes with them. She is inspired by Paula Scher and her ability to create brands that are instantly familiar while also being exceedingly clever. Her work straddles the line between pop culture and fine art in a way that makes her a design icon for the ages.


    Director of Client Services A former Riithink client and marketing agency veteran, Holly is our team's director of client services and the definition of a people-person. In her role, she is able to bridge together her passions of organization and working alongside some of the best in the industry - both colleagues and clients. Holly received her BBA in Marketing from Pace University in New York City and is currently working towards her MBA at East Carolina University. She draws inspiration from Taylor Swift because of her unwavering belief in artists owning their own work and her effortless creativity - the list could keep going, but there’s only so much room!


    Director of Data Science Luke is a Product Analyst with an M.A. in Management Degree from Wake Forest University, and a B.S. in Geology Degree from Baylor University. As a Product Analyst, Luke completes most of his work “behind the curtain” for most clients where he is developing data automation workflows and utilizes said data to build out mathematical and statistical models to provide insights and forecasting for Riithink clients. Luke is inspired by Dr. Leonard Susskind, who is an incredible educator and communicator of the most difficult areas in physics. Luke aspires to be at the same level of communicator in the reports provided to clients. Additionally, Luke spends his spare time developing Python packages in the realm of Geological processes.


    Strategic Content Manager Katie has a passion for storytelling, shown through her expertise in the areas of social media and design. On the creative team, she assists with copywriting, content creation, and various design tasks. Outside of the office Katie loves painting watercolors, writing calligraphy, taking trips to the mountains, and attending any and all sporting events. Joanna Gaines is Katie’s inspiration for sure. She loves the personal brand and creative empire that Chip & Jo have grown from the ground up. As a former wannabe interior designer, Katie admires Joanna’s farmhouse style that showcases neutral colors and natural elements to create the coziest of homes.


    Analyst As an eCommerce Business Analyst, Jordan builds reporting structures, forecasting models, and various other ad hoc analysis for CPG clientele across categories on Amazon. He enjoys working with clients and developing strategies to help them grow their eCommerce presence. Jordan is inspired by Yvon Chouinard and his philosophy for business. Chouinard needed better gear for his hobby of climbing and helped kickstart an entire industry. He also focused on surrounding himself with the best people around, knowing when people are passionate about their work, they can influence the future.


    Business Analyst Mandy is a data analyst who loves digging deep into raw data to pull out helpful insights and trends. Her background in Ecommerce and social media content management drives her interest in finding the 'why' behind these trends. Mandy draws inspiration from Abisoye Ajayi-Akinfolarin. While working in technology, Abisoye noticed a large gender gap and chose to dedicate herself to closing said gap by founding a non-profit to teach young women to code.


    Product Analyst I am an enthusiast of the concept of “data” and the possibilities that it opens with the correct handling, with the goal to solve problem. I believe that critical thinking and analytical skills are the fundamental part of professional excellence. I am inspired by Michelle Zatlyn for her positivity and thinking ethic. Outside of work, I like doing hot yoga and cooking.


    Platform Specialist


    Designer Allen has over 20 years of experience in the commercial photography industry. He began his career doing actual stagecraft, sculpting and painting setpieces for film and photography. He parlaid his love for the art into digital editing, design, and direction in the early 2000s Allen is inspired by artists and innovators who have followed their singular vision despite what their contemporaries are doing; folks like Les Claypool, Damien Hirst, and Roger Ballen.


    Designer Peyton is an innovative graphic designer with an extensive background in fine art and illustration. At Riithink, she contributes her creative skills to both print and digital design projects. Outside of the office, Peyton enjoys drawing, reading, and collecting comic books. She is inspired by Andy Warhol’s tenacious commitment to transforming the art world, one soup can at a time. Like Warhol, Peyton strives to stay ahead of the graphic design curve by creating work that is fresh and original.


    Client Manager Brooke is a dedicated client manager who is obsessed with building relationships. She comes to Riithink with over 15 years of work experience and a pluckiness to get the job done. Outside of work, Brooke is a certified barre3 instructor and teaches empowering, beat driven classes. She's inspired by Taylor Swift, a woman who stays true to herself and her craft by tuning into her inner world, letting her heart lead, and not apologizing for any of it. Brooke aspires to bring that level of passion to all she does....because where passion leads, good stuff is always bound to follow!


    Client Manager Courtney brings over 6 years of digital media experience to the Riithink team, and sees how important having a digital presence is. When she isn’t in the office she loves being outside, attending sporting events, and going on trips to Disney. Courtney finds inspiration from Harry Styles who always promotes being your genuine self and treating people with kindness. Courtney brings that into her work by helping clients promote their goals in ways that feel authentic to themselves.


    Client Manager


    Business Analyst Daniel is an expert in eCommerce and marketplaces and likes the constant study of trends and changes in the market at a global level since one of the survival principles in the digital business is constant change, adaptability, and proactivity. The most important things for him are his family, friends, and pets. Innate lover of video games, movies, and series, His favorite plans are going out to eat, learning new languages, and drawing. He’s inspired by Stan Lee because he worked his whole life to develop the culture of comics, his level of creativity was unimaginable and he also thrived to bring MARVEL to what it is today.


    Video Production


    Direct to Consumer eCommerce Specialist

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