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Want to Boost Your Digital Results?

We don’t want your brand to get lost among the rest. We believe that your brand tells a unique story and deserves its own place in the vast sea of the web. We strive to ensure that a client’s brand matches their intent and shares the proper message for successful business.


We want your digital presence to be both cohesive and creative. Riithink partners with companies in the greater Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area to build digital marketing strategies and execution that guarantees results.

When you partner with us, you can expect custom, thoughtful and flexible digital solutions backed by digital experts using first-in-class technology and reporting. Our strong copywriting skills help your brand capture attention and establish a genuine connection to your audience as well.


Riithink proudly offers award-winning copywriting services, with works appearing in USA Today, Mashable, and other major publications. Our works have been featured on national television and movies, but we also lend our creative talents to businesses and budgets of all sizes.


Deliver a targeted message to the right person, at the right time.

Pay-Per Click / Search Engine Marketing

Be seen when the customer is buying.

Microproximity - Real time geofencing

Target customers in their current physical location.


Email marketing based on behavior, interest and geography.

Social Media Advertising

Facebook & Instagram ads.

Device ID - Historical Geofencing

Target customers based on their historic locations.

Search Engine Optimization

Show up in relevant searches organically.

Video Pre-Roll Advertizing

Streaming, Connected, Display Targeted and YouTube TV pre-roll ads.

Geofencing Residential Addresses

Send a digital postcard to your clients residential addresses.

Custom Websites and Hosting

Design original or re-design current websites.

We Get your customers!

Generate Leads

Does your current brand accurately reflect who you are?

During the Brand Audit stage, we perform a thorough breakdown of the history of your brand. During this stage, we like to have our client’s fill out a branding questionnaire so that we can hear what you want to see through the development of your brand. The quality of our design and branding services is derived from our desire to legitimately know and understand our clients in order to develop the most unique and accurate representation of their identity.

Boost Web Traffic

Time to start creating.

In the Brand Development stage, our creative team begins to brainstorm the best ways to bring your brand’s identity to life. This process includes establishing your brand voice, solidifying your mission statement, working through various color schemes, creating logos, etc. For us, this is the fun part. No two clients at RiiThink are alike and every project is viewed as a new opportunity to create something truly special for your brand.

Build Your Digital Footprint

Finalizing your brand guide.

After working through various branding options with you, we will present you with the final product of our creative team’s labor. Whether you are doing a top-to-bottom rebranding or just looking for content for your media channels, the Brand Creation stage is when we present you with finalized templates and guidelines that will inspire the identity of your brand for years to come. Having a brand guide that you can refer back to is huge for the legitimacy of your brand.

Why Riithink

How can we bring your new brand to life?

Guaranteed Results, We are a Google Premier Partner, Your ads are seen on Quality Web Sites. We buy ads that appear above the fold, during waking hours and on quality sites. When you pay for an impression, it gets seen

Featured  project.

Galloway Ridge at Fearrington is a local life plan retirement community. As one of our clients, we’ve created multiple campaigns that each satisfied a specific purpose.

We use our resources to track the progress and results of each of these campaigns in order to refine their digital strategy and maximize their efforts in the digital space.


We created a cohesive brand with campaign-specific elements that support their overall messaging.

Paid Media/PPC

We run online ads to promote events, search for new potential hires, and more.

Social Media

We create content and strategically manage their social media accounts.

Email Marketing

We produce email campaigns to reach residents, staff, and community members.

Here’s what we’re  great at …


Deliver a targeted message to the right person, at the right time. Promote brand awareness with banner ads that appear on websites and apps across mobile, desktop and tablet devices. Pair this with programmatic targeting that will help you reach the right demographic, geographic, interests and behaviors of your best clients. Plus, bring clients back to your site with site retargeting. And, you can also access devices searching for your services and products through search retargeting.


Target customers based on their historic locations. Serve ads to specific devices on where they live and where they have been as recent as five days and up to one year


Be seen when the customer is buying. Perfect when paired with branding programs to lead bottom of the sales funnel conversations. Be front and center when customers are actively searching for your products and services. As a Google Premier Partner we run campaigns that adhere to constantly evolving Google’s Best Practices.


Show up in relevant searches organically. SEO supports your website to show up in searches that are most relevant to your business. We implement long-term strategies that focus on all ranking factors with local and organic SEO algorithms. Get a free SEO audit to see how you rank now.


Target customers in their current physical location. Identify commercial locations where ideal target audiences are located and deliver display ads while they are in that location.


Streaming, Connected, Display Targeted and YouTube TV pre-roll ads. Tell your story in a more meaningful way through 15-30 second video clips that run prior to TV or targeted video inventory. More targeted and less expensive than traditional TV commercials


Email marketing based on behavior, interest and geography. Our double opt-in email database of more than 140 million consumer and business emails that have asked to receive specific content that we compare with your message.


Design original or re-design current websites. Build your story with easy navigation, fast loading and SEO aligned website that we can maintain and that you can update as your story evolves.


Send a digital postcard to your clients residential addresses.Serve display ads to a curated physical address list that takes your marketing and tracking to a targeted granular level.


Facebook & Instagram ads. Social media supports brand awareness, retention and maximize your reach across platforms that receive over 30 minutes of our attention a day.

“Want to Boost Your Digital Results?.

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