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Riithink Brings Home 2015 WebAward

Riithink Brings Home 2015 WebAward

Honestly, working with the Osen-Hunter Group was more exciting than winning any award. Though we did both. – Patrick Smith, President, Riithink

We are pleased to announce that the site Riithink developed for Osen Hunter Technologies has won The Web Marketing Association’s 2015 WebAward for the Best Military site. We’re proud to be ranked among the best web development teams in the world for innovative design solutions and content. But as Patrick Smith said, it was never about the award. It was always about the client.

About the Client: Osen-Hunter

The Osen-Hunter Group is a global, private security company that provides equipment for sophisticated users — think military and special ops teams. No joke…these guys manufacture the most high-tech equipment around. From breaching systems capable of cracking any enemy stronghold (i.e. Silent Entry Torch System), to full-body chemical suits designed for HAZMAT-rescue (imagine Walter White’s Breaking Bad gear, but more intense) Osen-Hunter has our heros covered.

When we were approached by Osen-Hunter back in 2014, our initial goal was to transform their website into an interactive space that brought to life what their brand is all about: innovative tactical solutions. One way we went about this was by creating a website that focused on lifestyle imagery to really capture the Osen-Hunter demographic.

Our Technique

The solution we created in collaboration with Osen-Hunter combined the look and feel of their brand with our specialized web optimization processes to create a more effective, interactive, and higher converting site. Our goal was to create a site that spoke directly to the client’s customers.

We spent two days filming their teams in action, capturing everything from the Hot Rod torch in action to exercises in door breaching. We took the content and engineered a visceral website that spoke to their target consumers. The result was, in a word, successful.

We brought home the 2015 Best Military Website WebAward in the Web Marketing Association’s annual global competition. The accolades we received from the WebAwards included recognition for superior design, ease of use, copywriting, interactivity, use of technology, innovation, and content. We’re proud to have been recognized for our work, but more than anything, we’re pleased that we could help Osen Hunter reach their customer base in an effective way. And we certainly learned more about ourselves in the process.

Riithink Takeaway

  • We know that our mission is to exceed client expectation.
  • We have a stellar team of creatives and strategists on our side to help complete our mission.
  • We are capable of creative award-winning technologies that drive results.

Let us win a WebAward for you. Together, we can Riithink your marketing strategy and develop campaigns that create opportunities and deliver measurable results.

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